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Sunday, December 16, 2018

P.S. - Post datum

  I know, I know, I owe you guys:

  1.  The rest of the Asung Itim saga

       2.  A relevant history of Chile

            3.  Now THAT'S A BLOODY CONQUEST!  The conquest of the Aztec and Inca Empires.

But remember!!  Furst, I've got to earn my bread and butter money, then I have to buy some Christmas presents...then I have to keep some promises......but you will hear the gossip, never fear!

Hola / Salut / Kumusta / Hey there / Hallo!

I am under an avalanche of work, so I just wanted to share videos I've just watched (Well, I can't work non-stop!  ...while having my morning coffee!) on the defining moments taking place right now in France.

Estoy sepultada bajo un alud de trabajo y solo quisiera compartir algunos videos que acabo de ver (bueno, no se puede trabajar sin parar!!  Mientras tomaba una taza de café!) sobre los acontecimientos definitorios que están pasando ahora mismo en Francia.

Hugs, abrazos, mahigpit na yakap, baisses, auf wiedersehen!


Image result for yellow jackets franceImage result for yellow jackets france                                                                                             Tax the Lear Jets, Tax the Yachts


Wolff explains why the people are pissed that governments have used the people’s tax money to bail out the banks who created the financial crisis in the first place, and then demanded that the people accept austerity measures, cuts in social services:

Richard Wolff | Masterfully Explains France's Yellow Vest Movement

Image result for yellow jackets france


This Frenchman (sounds young) talks about the first Yellow Jackets on Nov. 17 in Neubourg, northern France, and that it is about far more than taxes and will not end soon:

The Unspoken Reason Behind The Yellow Vests Protest - Timothé Vorgenss

Image result for yellow jackets france


Images and sounds, some scary, some thrilling:

'Gilets jaunes': How the movement escalated in France

Image result for yellow jackets france


This is an explanation of the rebellion against the fuel tax (Attention au subtext!!):

France's 'Yellow Vest' protests: Spotlight on taxes


And finally, my favorite videos, of ordinary citizens taking over toll plazas and roundabouts, letting vehicles pass free, and the cops sign their petition, and explaining the lies being told by mainstream media:

Image result for yellow jackets france

Yellow vest interviews, The French have nothing left

Image result for yellow jackets france

Reporters: What do France's 'Yellow Vest' protesters want?

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


I've been finding out more about the Yellow Vest movement in Paris.


And this one on William Blake:

Image result for william blake angels


I identify with William Blake for lots of reasons.  When I watch his docus I feel more okay with my life.   I am considered weird and crazy by my own kids and my handful of friends (all women, a few fellow interpreters and translators).  I feel very close to the spirits, to the dead, who I know are more alive than we are here.  I myself feel dead here.  This life is not a propitious place for feeling truly, intensely alive. We have all seen or read or experienced this, over and over.  It isn't subject to argument anymore.

I have never felt comfortable in human society except when I am with simple people, which means in 99.9% cases, people who are not rich, who are not complicated, though I do have one or two friends I love who are well off because they worked very hard all their lives and who are white but perhaps of Italian American, or Italian Chilean origin.

Image result for santiago bose malinisNative Song, 1999   Santiago Bose

Because I have been single since I was 39 when I ended an unhappy marriage, and would have liked to have found a companion who could have understood how my consciousness works, who could have had a rich inner life that he would share with me, but never have found anyone, it has been a hard life and I hope to die by the time I am 72. I am bored by most people though I am not an unkind person and I treat people well unless they do not deserve it, which is rare, and when I meet someone of this kind I just move away.  Sometimes it takes a long time before I realize that I should put an association to an end. Most of the time it is just a case of, I can relate to 25% of the person, and they can relate to 10% of myself, and we just make the most of it insofar as our association can be one of mutual cordiality and respect, and reciprocal assistance on the basis of equality and freedom.

The thing that makes me happiest of all, is when I lose myself in research on Hispanofilipinas, and when I make an effort to write, to explain the important points I discover in my research, and to try and write fiction recreating Hispanofilipinas.  It is very difficult for me to write because I need to be unemployed and quiet.  This means I have to have money to live on.  This means my production of texts has been very irregular and continues to be so.  It can't be helped.  Besides, I don't produce texts that are the product of my imagination alone.  I write to bring back a lost world, one that I did not know in this present incarnation.  I know I was alive in Hispanofilipinas, and the history books wake up my sleeping and lost memories.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ACCUSED ME OF BEING A KASTILALOY -- someone who is trying to make a big deal that she is of Spanish origin. This is a lie.  I am not an elitist.  This is what I find utterly ridiculous about the claims that Rizal was Chinese because he had a great-grandfather who was Chinese. Rizal felt himself to be a pure Filipino, full stop.  I had a great-grandfather who was from Andalucia.  But I have never felt anything else but a pure Filipina.  I never considered myself mestiza de español.  I never learned to speak Spanish at home or from my father.  It is not a racist point with me.  It is a spiritual point.  I have no connection to the land-owning oligarchy and I have never been slavishly religious. Yes, as a child I prayed a lot and asked to see the Virgin. When I lost something I prayed hard to St. Anthony. I spoke to Jesus. I loved the stories of the saints and still do.  But I am not a Catholic by self-definition.  I am like William Blake, though I do not see visions of angels. I know they are there.

I know that the period between 1872 and 1913 was cataclysmic for Filipinas, that the entire Spanish colonization was very difficult, and that the period from 1900 to the present was a reaction, and a pact with the Devil.  A trade that was forced on Filipinas because she had no choice, but basically her children decided to trade their souls for a false material development without sound foundations and with the continuation of tyranny, this time under the rule of the former slave owners, the principales, now speaking English and acting like Little Brown Brothers.

Unlike many colonized nations, in both cases of Spanish and American colonization, except for some violent resistance, the yoke was accepted.  It wasn't like the Aztecs and their vassals, or the Incas and their vassals, where the native peoples traded one oppressor for another who was more powerful, more violent, but the new oppressor was of the same color and race.  We accepted or succumbed or parlayed with a different race both times.  And so at the very base of both colonizations was racism.  It had to be so.  This also happened in Hispanic America.  But no numerically significant new race was born in Filipinas, not with the primary colonizer race (neither with the Spanish nor with the Americans), yes with the Chinese race, which had been carrying out a tacit colonization through trade and blood mixture, and it is the one that has had the most perduring characteristics, though very much of a silent, unobtrusive but nonetheless influential kind.  Filipinos already have many inner characteristics that make us similar to the Chinese people.  BUT WE ARE NOT CHINESE.

Image result for santiago bose malinis
Faith and Science in the Time of AIDS, Apologies to Dr Jose Rizal, 1999    Santiago Bose

Filipinos are a very complex people, very resilient, very adaptative.  But Filipinos do not love other Filipinos, and this is the worst aspect of our people.  Filipinos do not want other Filipinos to develop their great potential.  Filipinos want to use other Filipinos, just as they have been used by other races.  Filipinos do business with their own fellow Filipinos, I mean buy and sell, as if their fellow Filipinos were commodities, or else they treat them worse than dogs without owners.

It is a great shame.  The Spanish already taught Filipinos hipocrisy and false pride, and sadly, after Spanish and American colonization Filipinos have lost virtues:  kindliness, hospitality, generosity, self-sacrifice, respect, courtesy, loyalty, faithfulness, simplicity, non-materialism.

Of course, this has happened to all the nations of the world.  But it is not an excuse, it is a diagnostic of a spiritual disease.  A spiritual and a cultural disease.

And it is not the end of the world either.  It is part of our passage from childhood to adulthood.  We are like teenagers who did not receive an education in values.  Yes, in repression and getting ahead, going through life the easy way, skipping important stages of individuation, of learning to be an integrated, whole, responsible, reliable, trustworthy individual.

Image result for santiago bose malinis Let It Bleed, 1994   Santiago Bose

After you have gotten through life being dishonest, being a sheep, a spoiled brat, taking advantage of others to do all the hard and dirty work for you (and then resenting and insulting them for it, saying they are ungrateful, dishonest blablabla, which is what YOU are), ass-kissing and currying favor to get ahead, breaking the law as long as you don't get caught, making promises you know you will never keep, lying with a smile, acting like butter doesn't melt in your mouth, brazenly covering up the others' crimes and taking the money, etc. etc. etc. --- still life will ask you to keep making decisions farther down the road of life and choosing the left or the right hand.  And if you don't come clean, it will be up to your children to do it for you.

The Americans taught us terrible things.  That you can get away with everything if you are a fast talker or a smooth liar.  But even before the Spanish, it was already there.  Our concupiscence.  The masters and the slaves.  The lazy and the obedient.  The ones who wanted more and more, and the ones who gave and gave and suffered in silence.

Well...the Chinese are also a very old and very corrupt people.  Theirs is an ancient civilization and no such ancient civilization is alien to corruption. Yet, it was the British who introduced opium in China.  And when China resisted, Britain crushed her imperial house.  So the Chinese called the Westerners white devils.  The Japanese had imperial dynasties made strong by the ethos of honor and courage. But the mass rapists and murderers of Nanking dishonored the nation and it is very strange that Japan has refused to teach those historical facts to its postwar generations.  Japan considers itself to be a superior race, this is why. The whites of Asia.  Second only to the Germans.  The rest of us Asians were therefore not deserving of human rights.  The war crimes were equivalent to quashing ants.  Rather large ants.  With memories.

Image result for santiago bose malinis
PINAY'S CURTAIN CALL, 2000   Santiago Bose

After all, the Filipinos compared to those two nations are amateurs.

I still say:  it is enough.  I want it to end.

Now that we have danced with and slept with Hollywood, are we still going to continue as locusts, maddened addicts to pleasure and mindless materialism, birds of prey for our own kind, or isolated communities steeped in mutual dislike, envy, meaningless competitiveness and zero solidarity, no vision of ethical society, bankrupt of enlightened spirituality.  Why do we not see the ugliness of the poverty and misery around us and realize it is also ours?  Our poverty, our miserableness?  Oh, it's okay. As long as we can go home to the gated village, the mansion in Disneyworld Forbes or Dasma and Alabang. How is it that a people so prone to shame, feels no shame in front of the rest of the world, at how their own best people are reduced to slavery and sexual chattel?  How can a people be so STUPID.

Even in Chile this is happening and I find it no less abhorrent and sad.  Rich people make me sad.  I don't like to associate with them because they frighten me.  There is something terrifying about emptiness.

Here is the art of Santiago Bose.  He to me is the Filipino artist who has masterfully represented the Filipino unconscious.   To transform ugliness, terror, despair, dead religion into truth, light, revelation, is to me, art.

#artsitter #santiagobose #freetrade #smileyface #colonizer #colonized #unaware #crossfit #civicreflex
#artsitter #santiagobose #freetrade #smileyface #colonizer #colonized #unaware #crossfit #civicreflex

Friday, December 07, 2018

A Thought

    I just listened to a talk Vince Rafael gave in Ateneo on Rey Ileto's Pasyon and Revolution and by no means did I listen to it all, this is why this is just thinking aloud based on what I heard him say about the Tagalog verses in Pasyon, a book written in English, and his theory that English was some kind of blessing for Tagalog, and that the words of the peasantry were more important than the peasantry who spoke them.  Now all that is pretty hard to swallow whole.

   Ateneo, La Salle, Letran, Santo Tomas, not to mention the women's colleges -- there are good, even great universities in Filipinas, but universities were originally meant to give universal thought to society and to produce citizens committed to the development and progress of their country.  Not professionals and technocrats whose only commitment is the aggrandizement of their personal cachet and bank accounts and growing the gap between the privileged and the forgotten, the admired and the despised, the praised and spoiled and the enslaved, exported as slave labor.

    So great universities are those that make the countries they are in, greater.  Not poorer, not more corrupt, not more desperate just to feed their children.  They must produce professionals committed to finding ways to conserve the environment, to exploit resources sustainably, and not to sell their own people and country down the river to the multinationals (on whose boards of directors they aspire to sit -- if you are a director, you get a fat salary without lifting a finger, and there is no limit as to how many boards of directors you can be a member of. It's just a Rich People's Club).  Not to become politicians ready to use the public treasury as their own wallet for subsidies for their own businesses, to control the legislature and the judiciary so they can commit crimes with nary a worry of ever having to answer for them because they can make them the law of the land.  Democracy.  Sure.  Since 1946.  Who can question that Sacred Text?

    Open your eyes, look at Filipinas.  If you are in your 40s you can compare what she was like in 1970 and what she is like in 2018.  Could the United States have "given" Filipinas freedom?  No, all the U.S. did was put in their guys.  And that's everywhere, including the universities.  Especially the universities, and the churches.

     If we had truly great universities, 90% of our youth would not be cheated of their future just because they are poor, malnourished. They would not be condemned to ignorance and stupidity, and forced to agree to be trafficked.

      If there were a true Church in Filipinas, it would have done something long ago to mediate a peace process between the fighting armies, to help the families being broken apart by the OFW racket.  But no.  All priests and nuns do is act like priests and nuns.  It's all an act.  

      And you know what?  The same thing has been going on in Chile, in a less scandalous way, but elite rich Chileans ought to know better than to treat their fellow citizens like their chattel.  The Church here is being unmasked and exposed because very early on the Chilean people lost their innocence, unlike the Filipinos who are eternal religious virgins.  

      It is, however, the same evil that has taken over, all over the world.  ALL OVER THE WORLD IT IS THE SAME EVIL. Wherever there are still countries that help their citizens, that still have a lot of land, resources, natural wealth, the Evil is already getting to work on them, inventing falsities to be able to justify invading and reducing them to rubble, whether through economic panic or war, THEN their companies or their buddies' companies can then start to "rebuild" and "democratize" and "modernize", protected by the AMO's strongmen and weapons, of all kinds -- worldwide oppression mechanisms and bribed cohorts.  The Entire World is now a Mafia.

       In point of fact, Evil is profiting from the divisions between nations, between political and economic systems, between language groups and racial and religious groups.  It always has.  In all of the ruling circles, evil has nested and spawned.

      So don't believe that Filipinas is the private problem of Filipinos living inside Filipinas, as if you people who live there are the owners of it and so are the only ones who matter, at walang pakialam ang mga ibang pilipino na hindi tumitira sa Pilipinas.  This is not a problem of addresses and passports.

      But of course, nobody listens, nobody cares, and the institutions continue to act like they own everything, and they talk to each other, and even if nobody amongst the outsiders cares what they say,  it doesn't matter because they control the media, they have their choirs to preach to, and the huge business that they've controlled ever since the Americans arrived (not just in Filipinas, this is worldwide now).  And some of the entrenched, entitled parasites were already in control even before the Americans arrived. Yes, under the Spanish, or the Dutch, British, French, Belgians, Germans or the native royal families

      However, ALL HUMAN EMPIRES FALL.  And even if this Empire is actually serving and is bossed by NON-HUMANS, the Galactic Federation is already working on getting the non-human parasites out of here.

      We human beings still have to get off our asses and do what we have to do, nevertheless. Even if it means for starters, waking up and expanding awareness, then taking baby steps. Taking action.  Building something invisible.

       Why is it so difficult to practice the Golden Rule?  Why are there so many fake Christians going to mass and looking the other way, acting deaf, blind and dumb?  I guess they have done it so long their brains atrophied and their souls gave up on them and left.

       I do know that it is a waste of time to think about the people who will never assume their human responsibilities farther than their own self interest.  But anyone reading this, or even anyone on this same vibrational frequency knows what they need to do, and they do it without fanfare, without a user's manual or human resource dept. guidelines.  Without giving any importance to whether they will get any kind of echo or whether "success" will come to their door and give them a prize (probably just to then send them off in chains to the gulag, or to the ovens).  We must continue to do the right thing, and change our mental and emotional habits that keep us inside the vicious mental circle that we have been CONDITIONED never to question, and to feel Stockholm Syndrome attached to forever.

      Believe me, the powers that rule the Universe are not interested in the tiny minority of reprobates and greedy unconscious and conscious enemies of Life, who are owned by the Darkness and work for their self-destruction.  Because we are tiny human beings they look huge to us.   But Earth is just a dust mote in the Major Plan.  We're just here for awhile, it's a boot camp, then we leave our physical vehicle here and head off to more interesting places.  It's not hard, because this is such a dump (I mean that so many of our fellow inhabitants here are dumpsters).  

      Don't give up, ever.  This is a planet of chimeras, but the heart, mind and body, in unity --this is actually what The Holy Trinity always meant-- never lie and they are our sure compass, because they are moved by soul and Spirit.

      Be true to your Being, be faithful to what you are.  Follow that quiet inner voice, no matter the price it demands of you.  For you will illuminate your final triumph.  The world will bend to your intent, the Red Sea will part, because Humanity is destined for Freedom.

      Because we are such potentially powerful, divine beings, the Evil has put us to sleep and keeps us mind controlled, deceived and alienated from ourselves and each other.   

       And for now, try and break out of the silence, learn to talk to Spirit, Spirit is in you and in everything and everywhere around you, most of all, in the inner landscapes where your consciousness sees Light, where you heart feels Love, in capital letters.  For we need sustenance, we need support as we cross this desert, to be as gentle, tranquil camels serving the caravan of the humanity that wants rebirth, and reconciliation with Earth, all animals, and Spirit. That sustenance, support, love, loyalty, gentleness, tranquillity are all within.

        Finally, the less recognized, the more anonymous, the more ignored, the more insignificant we are, the better.  Being is why we are here.  Not Winning.

Hugs from ---

Image result for william blake angelsI call on William Blake's visions.  He said he was visited by angels each night.  He was always poor, happy with his wife, and worked hard all his life on his art with very little recognition and support only from a few who recognized his greatness as an artist and a human being.  
                                              Image result for william blake angels
                               Image result for william blake angels  
                                                        Image result for william blake angelsImage result for william blake angels